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Toddy Pond Farm

Toddy Pond Farm

a Maine diversified family farm

Contact Information:

(207) 249-3344 – Greg

(207) 249-8481 – Heide

174 Carver Rd

Monroe, ME



As a vegetarian for the better part of two decades, I have a lot of strong feelings about the meat and dairy industries. Long story short; I’m no longer a vegetarian, we began this farm as a way to produce sustainable, nutritious, humanely raised food that we can feel good about eating and sharing with you.  I didn’t come from a background in farming, I was an OB nurse, breastfeeding educator, nutritionist and finally a homeschooling mom.  I came to farming from a deep seeded need to be a part of the food I ate and fed to my family.  I want a relationship with our food that is based on reciprocity and respect.  I need to give back to the earth and the animals that produce our food, to be a part of the circle. I love the life that farming offers, there is no place I’d rather be than outside in the fields and woods. We don’t come from a long line of farmers, but I hope we’ll be the first of many.


In 2014, after 13 years of working in the corporate banking world, I knew it was time to make a major change in my life.  Our adventure into “real” farming has been a gradual one, neither Heide or I coming from farming family backgrounds, but I’ve discovered as we have started on this journey together that farming provides me with the purpose that I’ve long been searching for.  Being outdoors, working with animals and the land, improving a place and learning to adapt to all that nature has to offer; both challenging and rewarding, are all parts of what make farming so enjoyable for me.  The sense of place and community that goes along with farming is also very fulfilling. Knowing that our efforts will in turn provide our family and our community with wholesome food is very rewarding.  I share Heide’s sentiment in the hope that ours will be the first of many future family generations to embrace all the challenges and rewards that farming has to offer.

Guthrie & Oliver

Our two sons, ages 19 and 16 have come to the farming life later than we both hoped, and we often wish they had been exposed to all the farm has to offer at younger ages, but both our boys have come to appreciate and participate in the farm.  Guthrie assists with morning milking chores, and Oliver assists with feeding the sheep, pigs and chickens.  Whenever an extra set of hands are needed, we can count on our boys.