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Sonhado is the Portuguese word for dreamy, the perfect description for my 100% organic Lavender Flax Eye Pillows.  I have now added Maine Fir Balsam Sachets to my luxurious aromatherapy repertoire, all hand made in Belfast, Maine.

I use 100% organic cotton fabric digitally printed with eco-friendly, water-based pigment inks and dyes.  The unique fabrics are designed by artists from all over the globe.  Your Eye Pillow design might be from Marketa Stengel in Zurich, Switzerland.  Your Sachet design might be from Jada Fitch in Addison, Maine.  On my Etsy site I have links to all the artists.  It’s an international community!

My Eye Pillows are 100% organic, even the thread and label.  As your Lavender Flax Eye Pillow soothes you, you are soothing the earth by supporting healthy conditions for land, air, water, flora, farmers and you.  You can rest assured that you are not inhaling pesticides and unknow allergens.

My Balsam Fir Sachets are almost 100% organic!  The fabric, thread and label are organic. The all natural Balsam Fir is purchased from Paine Products in Auburn, Maine.  The trim is locally purchased in Belfast, Maine.

My Sachets feature the State Bird (Black Capped Chickadee), the State Fruit (Blueberry), the Original State Flag (1901-1909) and the State Flower (the Pinecone !!!)  They are delightful, aromatic gifts and shouldn’t be hidden away in the sock drawer.  Keep one in the car, one next to your computer, where-ever you want an invigorating whiff of Maine.

I include Info Cards with my gift ready products.  EcoPaper.com prints my Eye Pillow cards on banana paper.  Squeezebox Press in Belfast, Maine prints my Sachet cards on an old-fashioned letterpress.

I can easily fulfill custom orders.  Consider Eye Pillows and Sachets for company Holiday Gift Baskets, Realtor Thank You Gifts, Bed and Breakfasts, Boutique Hotels.  I  print your logo or artwork on 100% organic fabric.

For more info go to Etsy.com and search:  Sonhado

Interested in a little history?

This is what’s printed on my Sachet Info Cards included with each purchase.






Maine State Flag

The original flag adopted in 1901.  Seamen wanted a flag that could

be recognized at a distance and read from both sides.  Ahoy !

In 1909 many State Legislators were Civil War veterans.  They

ditched it and replaced it with a design that resembles a battle flag.

Maine State Bird

The scrappy Black Capped Chickadee cheerfully lives year-round in

Maine.  Its distinctive call is “Chick a-Dee-Dee-Dee”.  The

spring-time mating song “is not flashy or presumptuous. It just

gets the job done”.  A true Mainer.

Maine State Flower

In 1895 the White Pine Cone and Tassel was chosen as the State

Flower.  Mainers voted it in despite the efforts of the more

conventional Goldenrod and Apple Blossom lobbies.  Maine is

the only state with a State Flower that is not a flower.

Maine State Fruit

The Blueberry, of course!  The bushes grow on hilly terrain.  Many

hardy souls still harvest the berries by hand using a rake invented

over 100 years ago by Mainer Abijah Tabbutt.