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Aurora Botanicals

A freak accident and two years of learning to walk again brought out the inner wise woman in me.

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Box 313 Searsmont, ME
Phone: 207-347-9211

A reformed journalist for whom Life abruptly offered a reboot, I had no choice but to focus on healing myself. It was a long haul, but I have come through that two year journey with renewed passion about the benefits of enjoying the natural world. What I do now is a reflection of the wisdom gleaned during this time. I did many things to restore my health and share them in the eBook linked below. Herbal wisdom was crucial to regaining my vitality after the pharmaceuticals damaged my functioning in many ways. Now, I craft herbal body care items based on what I have learned. I also use herbs to make unique edible wonders from my garden. I make salves, concentrates, extracts, jellies, and jams. Many of the herbs I grow are in my products.