Ancestral French Soaps

Ancestral French Soaps began in New York, where I first began to revive the handmade cleansers of my childhood with my own daughters. Eventually our search for a lower impact life and greater simplicity led us to leave New York and settle life further north.

Contact Information:

Monroe, ME 04951

Our path of positive change led us to the tiny town of Monroe, Maine. Our biome is a mixed hardwood forest in recovery from generations of over-harvesting. Our neighbors are craftspeople, orchardists, farmers, and builders. They know as we do that none of us can live without the living earth beneath our feet. We know that we are in exactly the right place, and we wish the same for you.

Our planet faces serious challenges, and we all must work together. Ancestral French Soaps is our offering to help you make the vital difference, every day.