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Rye Flour 2 Lb (songbird farm)


renowned for the terrific flavor it adds to sourdough breads.  Rye flour also adds flavor to quick breads and pancakes and holds its own in cookies and brownies.

Shaving Soap Lemongrass (ANCESTRAL FRENCH SOAPS)


How to Use

Lather in your hand and apply to your face or leg, shave. If you missed a spot reapply the soap with your fingers and shave again. Most people find it doesn’t sting and that the skin stays soft and is not irritated with repetitive shavings

Turkey Meatloaf (MAINE-LY POULTRY)


Locally raised fresh poultry no growth hormones antibiotics or steroids
Chicken pies
Fresh Chicken
Duck/Duck Eggs
Free range chicken eggs
Ground Poultry
Pet food
Rabbit (When available)
Fresh made chicken salad
Fresh turkey for the holday seasons

Unscented charcoal body soap (ANCESTRAL FRENCH SOAPS)


We have revived a sixteenth-century Mediterranean recipe to our modern expectations. We selected 100% organic, extra virgin olive oil as the base for all our soaps. Olive oil makes a hard, long lasting bar of soap that requires minimal packaging and offers a healthy and effective way to clean body, home and keep the planet safe too.

Whiskey Maple Cranberry Sauce (SPRINGDALE FARM CREAMERY)


Springdale Farm Creamery‘s Fresh Cream Cheese paired with a Whiskey Maple Cranberry Sauce by Olde Haven Farm in Chelsea, Maine.  This sauce has a perfect balance of flavors, with a lightly-sweet and tart tang that melds perfectly with our Cream Cheese.  Impress your guests with this special treat.